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Plant Health Care

Just like all living things, plants can get sick, carry diseases, and start dying. When that happens, you need a plant health expert to properly diagnose the issue and provide a remedy to restore the plant to optimal health. Trust RYAN Lawn & Tree to provide expert plant health care for your property’s plants.

Identifying Plant Health Issues

When plants are sick or not performing as expected, it is noticeable. Here are some of the warning signs you should look for with your home’s plants:

  • Yellow/chlorotic leaves
  • Leaf or needle drop
  • Branch or twig dieback
  • Visible pests on the plant
  • Browning of leaves / needles

Common Plant Health Issues

Depending on your location, the season, and the types of plants and trees in your yard, you may face several diseases, fungi, and pests, including bagworms, Japanese beetles, Emerald Ash Borer,  spider mites and more. A RYAN Pro will make an initial diagnostic inspection of the plants to determine the cause and a treatment plan, which may include individual applications or renewable treatments.

Promoting Healthy Growth

Our goal is not merely to save your plants, but to promote healthy, sustainable growth. Through a variety of treatment options, including fertilization, trunk and soil injections, growth regulators, and proper pruning, your RYAN Pro will ensure that your plants look great and grow healthy for years to come.

Experienced Plant Health Professionals

Our team of RYAN Plant Health experts have years of experience saving and restoring plants in your area. Each receives hands-on training for local diseases, plant health issues, and native plants, and they are licensed to apply treatments to your plants. And our team is supported by certified arborists and our in-house agronomist, so you know your plants are in good hands with RYAN Lawn & Tree.

Our Customers Think We're Awesome

“Sean pruned our Bradford Pear tree and it looks great.  It's our only tree in the front yard and we only have RYAN work on it because we feel they know their trees.  Also, they came when on the scheduled day...that's important!”

Carol Monaghan-Becker | Google Review