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100% Employee-Owned Company

Ryan Lawn & Tree is proud to be 100% employee-owned and operated. We believe it’s one of the reasons RYAN Pros provide the best lawn care services in all five of our Midwest locations. With employees as owners, Ryan Lawn & Tree is able to offer our consistent mission and faith-based, professional culture and services to our family of customers.

Your 100% Employee-Owned Company Providing the Best Lawn Care Service

The transition to an employee-owned company began January 1, 1998, when company founder, Larry Ryan, wanted to share the success of his company with his employees. He converted RYAN into an Employee Stock Ownership Program company. On July 26, 2019, RYAN Lawn and Tree became 100% employee-owned. The lawn and tree care company is proud to say we have more than 240 full-time owners in Kansas City, Springfield, Tulsa, Wichita and St. Louis.


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What Does Employee-Owned Mean?

An employee-owned company plan is sometimes referred to as an “employee stock ownership plan,” (or ESOP). In an ESOP, the employees earn stock in the company as part of the compensation for working at the company, making those employees shareholders. 


At Ryan Lawn & Tree, our employees have an ownership attitude, seeing their job as more of a long-term career. Being a part of an ESOP instills an owner-mentality into every one of our team members. We all strive to provide the best lawn care service, tree care, landscaping — the best of any service we offer.

How Do Employee-Owned Companies Work?

At Ryan Lawn & Tree, we utilize the benefits of employee ownership in our recruiting efforts. Almost all of our associates are hired on a full-time basis. Once the employee meets the eligibility criteria, they receive the fringe benefit package including automatic enrollment in the ESOP. 


When an employee becomes vested in an ESOP, he or she qualifies to receive an increasing percentage throughout the years worked for Ryan Lawn & Tree. Our goal is that when an employee retires, they will have a significant fund in their ESOP and 401(k) savings plans.

Employee-Owned Companies Benefit Employees


>  Employee Stock Ownership: As ESOP suggests, our employees own stock in the company, help run the company and benefit from its successes. Long-term employees with a great ownership attitude are rewarded with stock in the company, creating long-term wealth for them and their families.

>  Retirement Plans: Our full-time employees receive company retirement benefits that include an optional 401(k) plan and employee match.

>  Insurance: Great health, dental and life insurance plans

>  Plus, so much more!


Employee-Owned Companies Benefit Customers

>   Outstanding Service From Owners: Our associates represent RYAN as owners — the pride of ownership shines through in the conversations and service every person provides.

>  Associate Retention: ESOP benefits have helped attract high-quality employees and reduce turnover, giving customers consistent service they trust.

>  Succession Plan Longevity: With ESOP in place, customers are better assured their service will not be disrupted by the sale of the company.

Employee-Owned Companies Benefit Company


>  Decision-Making: Our associates think and act like business owners and understand that every action and decision affects the company’s outcome — from cutting expenses to productivity and quality control.

>  Customer-Retention: The superior customer service and skill level provided customers are successful in exceeding customer expectations which helps retain and grow the company’s customer base.

Get the Best Lawn Care Services From Ryan Lawn & Tree

Adding employee ownership was a big decision, but one that has paid dividends to our employee-owners and to our customers. For Ryan Lawn & Tree, being an employee-owned company has resulted in great relationships that have been built with our customers by providing them with the best lawn and landscape services.


Experience the high bar that RYAN Pros have set for themselves. Call us at 855.216.2293 for a free estimate on your lawn care, pest control, landscaping or other service. We’re also always looking for great team members to join us in helping our customers. We look forward to customers and employees joining our RYAN family soon and are excited about what the future of employee ownership will bring us!

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